For trusting Lee Corkett to your Performance Portraits!

Since you've reserved with us, we're giving you some free printed promos! Here's what you need to know:

  • If you have a design of your own, click here to send it to us and we'll print it up!
  • If you DO NOT have your own design, choose one of the following templates, and provide us with your information.
  • We can make a custom design for you, or customize the below templates starting at $25.
  • You may want more business cards or postcards than this promotion provides. If so, we've affordable upgrade options for you!

    ***NOTE: If you getting just the free amount of cards, you do NOT need to enter credit card info at checkout.

Template #1

Front of Card

Front of Card

Back of Card

Back of Card


Template #2

Back of Card

Back of Card

Front of Card

Front of Card

Upgrades, Options, and Design Prep Files:

You'll be getting 25 postcards for free - you can get more for the rates below:

Once you know how many cards you want, simply scroll back up and click "Use this Template" under the design you like, or click "Upload a Custom Design" below. Choose a quantity at the next screen.

Qty Size Price
25 4"x6" FREE
100 4"x6" $32
250 4"x6" $48
500 4"x6" $55

Two Sizes, One Price:

American (2"x3.5"): European (2.125"x3.375"):

Are you Round, or Square?

Square Corners: Round Corners (1/8"):

Business Card Design Templates

Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop JPG

Already have a design?

Be sure your file conforms to these standards:
Add 1/8" extra space to all sides of your art
Keep all important information within 1/8" of the trim line

For example:
European Card Size:


European Art Size:


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